What is a Vending Machine license?

A Vending Machine license is for a self-service device that dispenses servings of food and doesn’t need replenishing between each operation. Generally food items served from vending machines are pre-packaged (milk cartons, packaged sandwiches, etc…).

Note: If you are attempting to license a self-service device that conducts food preparation (ie: cooking/heating, assembling, portioning, etc.) please contact our plan review department at dhr.planreview@myfloridalicense.com prior to applying.

Steps to acquiring a Vending Machine license:

There are generally 3 steps to acquiring a Vending Machine license with the division:

  1. Create your DBPR Online account
  2. Apply for a license and pay the license fee
  3. Schedule and pass the licensing Inspection

Notes: Steps 1 – 2 can be completed online.

Application and Tips

  • For fastest turnaround apply using DBPR online services.
  • All DBPR food service licenses have a 7 digit numerical license number. Before purchasing a food service business verify the license by searching here.
  • Please feel free to email dhr.planreview@myfloridalicense.com if you have questions about Vending Machine design requirements or food safety standards prior to application.


For a detailed breakdown of fees see the food service fee page.

Opening Inspection

All new licensees are required to pass a sanitation and safety inspection prior to opening. After meeting all requirements of the plan review (if needed) and submitting your license application and fees, contact the department at 850.487.1395 to schedule an opening inspection. For more information about inspections view the inspections page.


Once licensed, operators must meet and maintain all applicable standards of a public food service establishment as provided in rule, code and statute. A partial list of Vending Machine requirements are noted below.

  • Affix provided DBPR license decal in a prominent place on the machine
  • Protect machine from overhead leakage from drains, pipes and other sources.
  • The space around the machine should be easily cleanable and in good repair.
  • Ventilation openings, if present, should be effectively screened.
  • Machine must have an accurate and accessible ambient air thermometer.
  • If machine dispenses bulk/unpackaged food, it must be date marked and less than 7 days old.
  • All food contact surfaces of machines should be smooth and easily cleanable.
  • Machine should have an automatic shut-off control that prevents the vending of food if food is not maintained at proper temperature.
  • If the machine is not in an enclosed area, the delivery tube or chute and orifice should be protected from contamination by a self-closing door.

Conduct all food storage and food preparation operations in an approved, licensed food service establishment. You may not conduct food operations in a private residence

Division personnel inspect as often as necessary for enforcement of the provisions of law and rule, and the protection of the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Food service license operators must permit division personnel right of entry at any reasonable time to observe food preparation and service. If necessary, division personnel may examine records to obtain pertinent information regarding food and supplies purchased, received or used.

Need Help?

All requests for public records, complaints, forms, and applications for licenses can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

Steven von Bodungen, Director

Division of Hotels and Restaurants
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1011

Telephone: 850.487.1395
Email: dhr.info@myfloridalicense.com