Bare hand contact is not allowed, unless…

This Division enforces the 2017 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code as the standard for food safety.  The Food Code is the most scientific model code currently available and requires employees not to handle ready-to-eat foods with bare hands.  Ready-to-eat foods are foods that are in edible form and do not require additional preparation in order to serve to customers.  Food handlers may use clean utensils, deli tissues or single-use gloves to avoid touching the prepared food.

Sometimes employees are allowed to touch food with bare hands, but the division must first approve strict written operating procedures. Some of the required procedures include ensuring employees are healthy; hands are properly washed, dried and a hand sanitizer used. Employees are trained in personal hygiene and managers must make sure their employees are following the procedures.

Employees must wash their hands when changing jobs; after using the bathroom, eating, coughing, or smoking; or whenever hands become contaminated.  Even if using gloves, employees must wash their hands before wearing gloves.

Nothing takes the place of proper handwashing. Gloves and other utensils are only a barrier to help prevent transmission of germs.


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