Batch File Instructions

  1. Request access using the Registration Form. You must include both the main company email address (the main account) and the person developing the batch files (you).
  2. Ensure your spam filter allows for emails from “”
  3. You should receive a confirmation email with the test FTP log-in information within one business day. Please Contact Us if you don’t receive a confirmation email and you have checked your spam filter.
  1. Ensure you can access the FTP Test server at using the credentials supplied in the steps above.
  2. Ensure your spam filter allows for emails from “”
  3. Please Contact Us if you are having problems connecting to the server.

These files provide the technical specifications for creating the batch upload file.

  1. Identify, download, and review the appropriate batch file specifications based on the actual paper form(s) you submit each month.
  2. Incorporate the Countries, States and Counties codes.

The following files contain a listing of business entities that should be loaded into your system. These files are updated monthly. You should update your database with the updated files before running your monthly reports.

  1. Download Business Entities Part 1(3.277MB CSV)
  2. Download Business Entities Part 2 (3.508MB CSV)
    Last Updated: May 24, 2021
  3. When reporting your ‘detailed transactions’ you must specify the associated Florida Permit Number and Business Entity IDs which are provided in this file.
  4. You may experience a collision due to the fact that DBPR has re-used permit numbers. This means that you may find more than one business using the same permit number. When more than one business is found (a collision), please select the appropriate one including the Business Entity ID. This ensures that you are reporting the correct businesses by using both the permit number and unique business entity ID.
  1. Using the information supplied above, program your data system to generate the batch file in the specified format.
  2. Ensure your system uses all of the validation rules and database constraints contained within the batch file specifications files.
  3. The flat file format is comma separated and pipe delimited.
  4. Ensure the file name is formatted correctly using the Form ID, Business Entity ID and Report Year and Month separated by underscores (FormID_BusinessEntityID_YearMonth: 3_77773_200911.txt).
  5. Submit your system generated files to the FTP Test server at until successful (no system errors).
  6. Important: Always ensure that you are using the correct permit number and email address!
  1. Prior to submitting your first official monthly report, we require you to test your batch configuration (listed in step E above).
  2. Once your file format is correct run  a few test reports from the previous 6 months and compare the results with your prior (paper) report submissions. Once your system’s automated reports match your prior paper reports, please upload them to the same FTP Test server at
    Note: You may find minor variations between those of your paper and automated reports. These differences may indicate similar variations that would be found during a regular bi-yearly audit. The purpose of this test is to ensure your system is setup correctly and is NOT an audit.
  3. We will review that data to ensure it reconciles with your prior paper based report submissions.
  4. Once you have successfully configured your system, tested, and uploaded your past reports, please Contact Us. We’ll review your data and provide you with the credentials to submit data to our production FTP server.
  1. Your email from AB&T will indicate if your batch file format and test data have been accepted.
  2. AB&T will send you the location and log-in credentials to the Production FTP Server.
    Important: Reports are not officially received by AB&T until you submit them to the Production FTP site!
  3. You are responsible for successfully submitting your monthly reports within your regular deadline dates. You have not officially submitted a report until you receive the automated email message indicating that AB&T has received it.
  4. Once you are working in the Production environment, you will be given an option to view your data using our Web-based EDS interface. Your log-in credentials for this system will be provided when you receive your Production FTP credentials.

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

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Telephone: 850.487.1395
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