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Bureau of Auditing - RCIP Manufacturers and Importers

Below is a link to the list of Manufacturers and Importers approved to sell cigarettes in the State of Florida. Please verify that your manufacturer and/or importer is on the list, by license number, as some may have multiple licenses. Also verify that the brand you want to purchase has been certified by clicking on the manufacturer or importers name.

Approved RCIP Manufacturers and Importers

All cigarettes must contain the “FSC” markings, examples of the “FSC” markings can be seen here

Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco - Florida Responsible Vendor Act

Florida Responsible Vendor Act Information

Responsible vendor training is a program offered to servers at bars and restaurants. Instruction is provided by private vendors who present course materials and encourage good management policy formation. Vendors learn the laws and policies regarding serving underage patrons and serving intoxicated patrons.

The effects of the training include fewer underage sales of alcohol, fewer DUI fatalities in states where training is offered, and more successful compliance with state statutes on the part of servers, who are more professional and knowledgeable when serving alcohol to patrons. Vendors who successfully complete training and maintain compliance may receive a reduction in their liability insurance premiums.
Further information regarding the specific sections of the Florida Statues that pertain to the Responsible Vendor Act can be found below:

Florida Responsible Vendor Act, § 561.701, F.S.
The Florida Responsible Vendor Act is designed to:
• Eliminate the sale of alcoholic beverages to, and consumption of alcoholic beverages by, underaged persons.
• Reduce intoxication-related accidents, injuries and deaths in the state.
• Encourage alcoholic beverage vendors and their employees to prevent drug activity on their premises.
• Encourage alcoholic beverage vendors to be prudent in their serving practices and to restrict sanctions that may be imposed in administrative proceedings against those vendors who comply with responsible practices in accordance with this act.
• Encourage alcoholic beverage vendors to use responsible policies for serving and promoting alcoholic beverages and, by so doing, prevent the over-service of alcoholic beverages to customers and prevent the over-consumption of
alcoholic beverages by customers while on the licensed premises of vendors.
• Promote professionalism and responsibility on the part of vendors who sell or serve alcoholic beverages which is expressed in a commitment to responsible service.

Responsible Vendor Benefits, § 561.706, F.S.
The license of a vendor qualified as responsible vendor under this act may not be suspended or revoked for an employee’s illegal sale or service of an alcoholic beverage to a person who is not of lawful drinking age or for an employee engaging in or permitting others to engage in the illegal sale, use of, or trafficking in controlled substances, if the employee had completed the applicable training prescribed by this act prior to committing such violation, unless the vendor had knowledge of the violation, should have known about such violation, or participated in or committed such violation. No vendor may use as a defense to suspension or revocation the fact that she or he was absent from the licensed premises during a violation of the Beverage Law if the violations are flagrant, persistent, repeated or recurring. The division shall consider qualification as a responsible vendor in mitigation of administrative penalties for an employee’s illegal sale or service of an alcoholic beverage to a person who is not of lawful drinking age and if the vendor has administered the applicable courses for controlled substances, for an employee’s engaging in the illegal sale, use of, or trafficking in controlled substances.

Responsible Vendor Employee Qualifications, § 561.705(6), F.S.
The vendor must require each employee, as a condition of her or his initial employment, to complete a written questionnaire providing the vendor the same information that is required by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco from persons who apply for alcoholic beverage licenses. Based upon the information provided, the vendor will determine whether the employee is precluded by law from serving or selling alcoholic beverages. Employees of vendors licensed under § 563.02(1)(a) or § 564.02(1)(a), F.S., shall not be subject to the requirements of §561.705(6), F.S.

Controlled Substances Policy, § 561.705(7), F.S.
The vendor must establish a written policy under which any employee who engages in the illegal use of controlled substances on the licensed premises will be immediately dismissed from employment and require each employee to acknowledge the policy in writing.

Employee Training Requirements, § 561.705(1), F.S.
Vendors must provide a course of instruction for all employees that includes subjects dealing with alcoholic beverages and may also include subjects dealing with controlled substances as follows:
• Laws covering the service of alcoholic beverages and the operation of establishments serving alcoholic beverages.
• Alcohol or controlled substances or both as a drug and its effects on the body and behavior, including its effects on a person operating a motor vehicle.
• Effects of alcohol in combination with commonly used drugs, both legal and illegal.
• Methods of recognizing and dealing with underaged customers.
• Methods for dealing with customers, and for dealing with employees, who use or traffic in illegal drugs.
Each non-managerial employee serving alcoholic beverages is required to complete the employee training course within 30 days after beginning employment. The vendor must provide for the supervision of an employee in the service of alcoholic beverages until the employee has received the training. § 561.705(3), F.S.

Alcohol Server Management Course Requirements, § 561.705(2), F.S.
Vendors must also provide an alcohol server management course for managers of establishments that sell alcoholic beverages. The course must include subjects on alcoholic beverages and may include subjects on controlled substances as follows:
• Laws governing the service of alcoholic beverages and the operation of establishments serving alcoholic beverages.
• Development of standard operating procedures for dealing with underaged customers.
• Development of standard operating procedures for dealing with customers, and for dealing with employees, who use or traffic in illegal drugs.
• Methods of assisting employees in dealing with underaged customers and in maintaining records that relate to such incidents.
Each managerial employee must complete the managerial training course within 15 days after commencing employment. § 561.705(4), F.S.

Continuing Education, § 561.705(5), F.S.
All employees are required to attend one meeting every four months and each meeting must include the dissemination of information covering the information provided during initial training and an explanation of the vendor’s policies and procedures relating to those subjects.

Recordkeeping Requirements, § 561.705(8), F.S.
The vendor must maintain employment records of the applications, acknowledgments, and the training of its employees required by section 561.705, Florida Statutes, and records of the vendor’s enforcement of the policies requiring dismissal.

Post a Notice, § 561.705(9), F.S.
The vendor must post signs on the vendor’s premises to inform customers of the vendor’s policy against serving alcoholic beverages to underaged persons. The sign must also indicate that purchases of alcoholic beverages by underaged persons or the illegal use of or trafficking in controlled substances will result in ejection from the premises and prosecution.

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