Electronic Data Submission (EDS)

Web-based Monthly Reporting
Web-based reporting is recommended for all users. Web-based reporting now allows for the upload of a .csv templates for larger amounts of transaction data.


  • Register for System Access
    Your EDS username and password will be created upon registration . Please ensure your spam filter is set to allow email messages from:
  • Any domain from (dbpr.state.fl.us or myfloridalicense.com) such as: donotreply@dbpr.state.fl.us and eds.support@myfloridalicense.com.
  • View the Online Tutorials
    Please take the time to review our online tutorials and training materials. Although we hope you will find the system intuitive and easier to use than paper forms, we feel these tutorials will help you familiarize yourself with this new application.
  • Login
    Once we have approved your request for system access you will receive an email with your username and password. Please log into the system to ensure your credentials are correct. Please contact us  if you have any problems accessing the system.
  • Begin entering your data.
    You may update your reporting data daily, weekly or monthly. You may save your work and return to complete it.
  • You must submit your report before the regular due date.
    Your report is not submitted until you press the large “Submit Report” and receive a Confirmation page . You cannot submit the report until the first day of the new month.

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

Patrick Cunningham, Director 

Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0791

Telephone: 850.487.1395
Facsimile: 850.922.5175