Yacht and Ships

Yacht and Ships

Yacht & Ships Salesperson – 326.002(3) “Salesperson” means a person who, for or in expectation of compensation, is employed by a broker to perform any acts of a broker.

Yacht & Ships Broker – 326.002(1) “Broker” means a person who, for or in expectation of compensation: sells, offers, or negotiates to sell; buys, offers, or negotiates to buy; solicits or obtains listings of; or negotiates the purchase, sale, or exchange of, yachts for other persons.

The requirements for becoming licensed in Florida are described in the statutes and rules. Choose a license type to apply or renew.

Please note – You must submit your fingerprints using a Livescan Service Provider registered with FDLE immediately after submitting your application for licensure. It may take up to five days for your fingerprint results to be received by the Department after they are submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).


Online Applications

The requirements for becoming licensed in Florida are described in the statutes and rules.  Choose a license type to apply or renew.


Online Applications

To access the Online License Renewal Guide, click here.

The Department has implemented an innovative way to expedite the licensing process. The Department will no longer be mailing licenses upon issuance, as licensees can now print their licenses by logging into their secure online account with the Department. This will allow new licensees to enter the work force at least 7 to 10 business days early, whereas, in the past, they would have to wait for the license to arrive in the mail. In addition to new licenses, this process will allow licensees to renew online and print the license at their convenience, as well as print duplicate licenses as needed without paying a fee.


The Yacht and Ship Broker’s Section investigates complaints against licensed Yacht Salespersons or Brokers for violations of the Yacht and Ship Broker’s Act, and against unlicensed individuals acting as Yacht Salespersons or Brokers in the State of Florida.  Complaints can be filed by anyone in the public or anonymously. Unlicensed activity is taken very seriously by DBPR, and ‘Tips’ are often received from licensees and the public when incidences of unlicensed activity is observed.  Among the complaints the Division has authority to investigate include:  unlicensed activity, escrow violations, misrepresentation, fraud, and dishonest acts.  The Division has no authority over commission or contract disputes.

To file a complaint with the Yacht and Ship Section, please click here and include any pertinent supporting documentation.

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

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