DBPR will notify you when your license is due for renewal. All notices are provided via email. We encourage you to keep your information up to date and renew online. DBPR online services offer a quick and easy way to renew your business license, find license requirements, apply for a license and update a license.

Before midnight EST on the expiration date, you will need to complete the following requirements to renew your license.

The renewal requirements:

  • 3 hour Core Law course*
  • 4 hours of Teaching Techniques course**

The renewal requirements for appraisal instructors:

  • 3 hours Florida Laws and Rules*
  • 4 hours of Instructional Techniques**
  • 7 hours of real estate appraisal subject matters
  • Minimum of 7 hours of board approved instruction consisting on an update of USPAP

*Please be advised that the core law taken to satisfy a real estate license renewal requirement may count towards satisfying the instructor renewal if the course is taken during the appropriate renewal cycle.

**Additionally, an instructor who teaches a Teaching Technique or Instructional Technique course will not receive credit for teaching the course.  The Teaching Technique requirement must be taken through a different instructor in order to satisfy the continuing education requirement.

For those instructors whose license(s) are involuntary inactive, you will need to complete two core laws and two Teaching Techniques (FREC) or Instructional Techniques (FREAB).  One Core Law and Teaching Techniques (FREC) or Instructional Techniques (FREAB) will be for the missed renewal cycle and the second series will be for the current renewal cycle.

If you plan to attend a FREC meeting, to obtain continuing education credit, you will need to attend the entire legal session when the Legal Docket is heard. Sign-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. Please be sure to contact the Division of Real Estate Education Section prior to the meeting to make the proper arrangements to receive credit per FREC- guidelines and Statute 475.182. The FREC meeting is a one day meeting. The start time for the meeting is 8:15. If you plan to attend to obtain continuing education credit, you will need to attend the entire legal session when the Legal Docket is heard.   Please contact the Division of Real Estate Education Section, either by phone at (850) 487-1395, by fax to (407) 317-7245, or by completing the registration form below at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. You will receive three (3) hours of specialty education credit. You will be required to sign out at the end of the meeting.

  • The form below lists the Commission meeting dates for the year. You must register with the Division of Real Estate at least 7 days prior to the meeting in order to receive credit. The Division of Real Estate will send you a confirmation email prior to the meeting with all the pertinent information. Please register early as seating is limited. You will need to attend the entire legal session to receive credit and must not be part of a disciplinary action.

All the candidates who pass a sales associates or broker licensure examination must satisfactorily complete a Commission prescribed post-licensing educational course prior to first renewal following initial licensure. For a sales associate, the post-licensing education course shall consist of one or more Commission approved course which total at least 45 classroom hours, and for a broker, the courses shall total at least 60 classroom hours. Any licensee who has received a 4-year degree in real estate from an accredited institution of higher education is exempt from the post-license education requirement. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is required to monitor continuing education of all real estate and appraisal licensees. The 100% monitoring of continuing education started on December 1, 2002, for the appraisal licensees and April 1, 2003, for real estate licensees. Schools and course providers are required to electronically provide a course attendance roster to the department within 5 business days after the course completion date. Correspondence courses only need to be reported by the fifth day of the following month after the licensee has completed the course. Licensees are encouraged to visit the department’s at www.MyFloridalicense.com and monitor the continuing education hours that have been reported under your license. Post education courses are not treated as continuing education courses and you may not see such hours posted on the portal. Licensees are required to maintain a paper copy of the course completion certificate in case of an audit by the department.

EQUIVALENCY – Equivalency for Prelicensing Education FREC – Rule 61J2-3.012



  • 4 – year degree in Real Estate or higher – 475.17 (7)
  • Attorneys are not exempt from Post Licensing Education

This is a reminder, the Florida Real Estate Commission amended Rule 61J2 – 3.009(2), Florida Administrative Code, to change the continuing educational requirements for renewal, to require 14 hours of continuing education consisting of 3 hours of Core Law, 3 hours of Ethics and Business Practices and 8 hours of specialty education. In order to provide licensees with sufficient notice, this change will be mandatory for real estate licensees who hold a license that expires on September 30, 2018, or thereafter.

Please review your courses to make sure that the courses you are offering show they are giving course credit of Business Ethics (E & B); this includes the 14 hours combination courses. If you previously had a continuing education course with Ethics approved and only sent a “renewal”; you do not have the required E & B credit for your courses and the 3 hours of E & B for your students will remain deficient. You must submit the course as a new course package requesting Business Ethics course credit.

If you are a secondary provider of education, you must send a new course package requesting Business Ethics course credit with a copy of your authorization of use letter in order for the course to show the appropriate E&B credit.  Please don’t assume that because the primary provider took care of getting course approved for E&B that it flows down to the secondary provider automatically, it does not without a new course application package. If you have the E&B credit on your courses, you have nothing further to do but maintain the course and renew it accordingly when it expires.

The following link will take you to the real estate course list: https://www2.myfloridalicense.com/servop/testing/documents/frec_ce_prov.pdf

Printed forms included below. If you would like to apply online, please click here and follow the appropriate links.

Education Forms – Real Estate (FREC)

Approved education providers may utilize the department’s Online Education Provider Reporting Platform to electronically report student attendance records.  To access all information concerning the reporting tool please click here.

The Bureau of Education & Testing (BET) has set up an email address for the purposes of communicating with Real Estate Schools and Instructors on examination related matters. If you request to be added to our email distribution list, you will receive a monthly email which will include the pass/fail examination information. You may also use this email address to communicate to BET any specific, examination questions or concerns. If would like to be added to our email distribution, please email your request to: REInstructors@myfloridalicense.com.

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