Military Veterans

Beginning July 1, 2016 new provisions went into effect to assist U.S. Military Veterans applying for licensure. The new provisions specifically allow for experience gained in the military to be used toward the requirements for licensure. Up to three years of military experience can be applied toward the experience requirements for a certified contractor’s license. New forms were posted on July 1, 2016 for veterans to use when applying for licensure.

Veterans should submit the Veteran Fee Waiver and Military Service Verification Form along with the application for licensure.

Follow this link to Contractor licensure applications.

Recovery Fund

Governor Rick Scott recently signed House Bill 535, which includes important updates to sections 489.1401-143, F.S., permitting payments to injured residential consumers from the Florida Homeowners Recovery Fund for both Division I and Division II scopes of work.

Effective July 1, 2016, all licensed contractors, both Division I and Division II, must ensure that the Florida Homeowner Construction Recovery Fund Notice is contained in their residential contracts.

For additional information, please click here.

New Exemptions

As of July 1, 2016, section 489.103, F.S. is amended to add a new exemption for apartment community employees or apartment management company employees. The employees are exempted from contractor licensing requirements when they are performing minor repairs to existing electric water heaters, electric heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems when the repair costs do not exceed $1,000.00 and are not the functional equivalent of replacing the system. Employees are required to have one year of apartment maintenance experience and hold an apartment maintenance technician’s certificate from the National Apartment Association (NAA) to qualify for the exemption. The NAA certification course must be accredited by the American National Standards Institute and consists of a 90 hour training course covering identified topics and completion of examination requirements. The exemption only applies to employees of apartment communities of 100 apartments or greater and does not prohibit local jurisdictions from creating local license requirements for the performance of such work. Likewise, the new law amends section 489.105(3)(m), F.S., to include the provisions that the definition of plumbing contractor “. . . does not require certification or registration under this part as a category I liquefied petroleum gas dealer, LP gas installer, or specialty installer who is licensed under chapter 527. . .”

The Florida Legislature has delayed the effective date of certain sections of the Florida Building Code, 5th edition until June 30, 2016. ( The included sections are: a. R402.4.1.2 of the Energy Volume relating to mandatory blower door testing for residential buildings; b. 403.6.1 of the Building Volume requiring a second fire service access elevator; and c. R303.4 of the Residential Volume requiring mechanical ventilation for residential buildings.

Roofing Emergency Order

An Emergency Order has been issued in response to Hurricane Irma applicable to counties identified by FEMA. This Order allows Division 1 contractors, including general, building and residential contractors to self-perform roof installation and repairs for wood shakes, asphalt & fiberglass shingles, tiles, metal, and flat roofs within their respective contracting scope.
The Order also allows building departments, if needed, to issue local specialty roofing licenses to roofers who are qualified in other localities within the State. These specialty licenses would be subject to local disciplinary oversight like other local specialty licenses.

Construction Industry Licensing Board will conduct Application Review, and will review Recovery Fund claims (Revised).

Hurricane Irma has unfortunately altered the schedule for our September Board meeting in Palm Harbor. It is crucial that construction professionals are licensed and available to work during this time of emergency. As a result the CILB will conduct a limited meeting on September 27-28th, 2017 to consider license applications and additional business applications at the regularly scheduled times (Division 2-Wednesday afternoon; Division 1-Thursday afternoon). If you would instead prefer a continuance to the next meeting, please respond via email at the address listed on your notice letter or by calling 850-717-1983. The Florida Homeowners Recovery Fund will meet Thursday September 28th at 10 AM. All other business including probation, Final Action, CE, and all Friday hearings have been rescheduled.

Need Help?

All requests for publications, documents, forms, applications for licenses, permits and other similar certifications can be obtained by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

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Construction Industry Licensing Board
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Telephone: 850.487.1395
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