Farm Labor - Human Trafficking

During routine field checks it is important to pay close attention to the workers and their working conditions.

Look for possible indicators of human trafficking and please be keenly sensitive of the following:


  • Is it used to keep people out or to keep people in?

Working conditions:

  • Do the workers receive pay?
  • Do the workers owe a debt to their employers?
  • Do the workers have freedom of movement?
  • Do they live and work in the same place?
  • Do the workers owe a debt to their employers?
  • Do the employers have control of their workers’ immigration documents?
  • Are the workers fearful to leave?
  • Are there signs of trauma, injuries or other evidence of poor care?

If you have information regarding suspected Human Trafficking
of an adult in Florida please contact:

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Exploitation:

ICE Law Enforcement Support Line: 1-802-872-6020

Need Help?

Jerry Wilson, Director
Division of Regulation

Shea Davis, Program Manager
Farm Labor Program

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Telephone: 850.488.3131
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