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As of 10/1/08, the arbitration section’s final order indexes will no longer be updated.  All orders entered after 10/1/08 will be added to the online search database. The links to the online database searches are listed below. Past subject matter indexes will remain available below.

All condominium, cooperative and homeowner’s association arbitration orders are combined into two separated databases: 1. Orders involving general, election and recall disputes, and, 2. Attorney’s fees and costs orders. Each database may be separately searched by word or phrase.  New orders will be added on a weekly basis.

Search tip:  Use the subject matter headings in the subject matter indexes below as topics to search.

Online Search for General Orders

Online Search for Attorney’s Fees Orders

This site is used in conjunction with the Volume Two version of the Mandatory Arbitration Final Order Index located below. If you know the case number, just enter it. If not, please use one of the search options.

Arbitration Final Order Subject Matter Indexes

Recall Arbitration Final Order Subject Matter Indexes

Attorney's Fees Final Order Subject Matter Indexes

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