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The Building Code Information System (BCIS),, is a multi-functional database that provides building professionals, general public, local governments, businesses and manufacturers with a single-point access to the Florida Building Code, Manufactured Building Program, Product Approval System, local code amendments, and the interested parties list.

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Getting Started In Building Codes and Standards

The Florida Building Commission (Sections 553.76 and 553.77, F.S.)

It is a 17-member technical body responsible for the development, maintenance and interpretation of the Florida Building Code through a consensus-building process.  Other Commission members appointed by the Governor represent architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, insurance, public education, local governments, building and fire officials and persons with disabilities. The Commission also approves products for statewide acceptance and administers the Building Code Training Program.

The Florida Building Code (Section 553.73, F.S.)

This replaced Florida’s patchwork of codes and regulations that were developed, amended, administered and enforced by more than 400 local jurisdictions and state agencies with building code regulation responsibilities. The current Code is a single statewide code based on national model codes and consensus standards, amended for Florida specific needs for the design and construction of buildings. The Code is designed to make the local building process more efficient, increase accountability, bring new and safer products to the market, increase consumer confidence, and better protect the residents of this natural-disaster prone state.

The Product Approval System (Section 553.842, F.S.)

It provides an optional statewide approval for eight identified building envelope and structural frame products (panel walls, exterior doors, roofing products, skylights, windows, shutters, structural components, Impact Protective Systems) that are intended to be replicated during the manufacturing process. The Product Approval System, in coordination with the Florida Building Code, ensures safe product technologies are used in building construction and encourages development of new products and technologies that increase safety or meet safety requirements less expensively.

The Manufactured (Modular) Building Program (Section 553, Part I, F.S. )

The program insures structures built in a manufacturing facility are in compliance with the Florida Building Code. The primary benefits of modular buildings are fast delivery, ease of relocation, low-cost reconfiguration and flexibility. Site work can occur while the modular is being constructed in the plant, resulting in earlier building occupancy and reduced labor, financing, and supervision costs.

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