The Florida Athletic Commission requires a physician to observe the physical condition of the participants and advise the Commission’s representative and the referee of the participants’ conditions before, during and after the match. This physician is required to have a license pursuant to Chapter 548, F.S.—apply for a license at the link above and help keep the health and safety of athletes a top priority in the state of Florida by becoming a ringside physician.

The physician will be compensated $700 ($350 for the weigh-in and $350 for event night). All licensed physicians are covered under the state malpractice insurance policy provided they are acting within the scope of their duties.  There is no application fee for ringside physicians.

For additional information, please refer to 61K1-3.004 F.A.C. and Chapter 548 F.S.

Contact the Commission Office for assistance. Email or call 850-488-8500 with any questions.

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