Cancer Drug Donation Program

The Cancer Drug Donation Program facilitates the donation of cancer drugs and supplies to eligible cancer patients in the state of Florida. Eligible patients are Florida residents who have a valid prescription, have been diagnosed with cancer and are uninsured and do not qualify for third party insurance coverage, Medicaid, Medicare or any other state or federal assistance program.

Facilities: Florida hospital pharmacies with an Institutional Class II Pharmacy permit (most hospitals) may participate.  As a participant facility, the hospital pharmacy accepts donated cancer drugs and supplies from eligible donors, inspects the donated cancer drugs and supplies for authenticity and dispenses the cancer drugs and supplies to eligible patients.

Fees: A participant facility may charge the recipient of the drug or supply a handling fee of no more than 300 percent of the Medicaid dispensing fee or no more than $15, whichever is less, for each cancer drug or supply dispensed.

Donors: Eligible donors may include drug manufacturer and wholesalers; various health care facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals; physicians; and patients or their representatives. The drugs or supplies must have been maintained within a closed delivery system, where the actual control of the unit-dose medication package is maintained by a facility.

Drugs: Drugs must remain in their original sealed container or in a tamper-evident unit-dose packaging. A cancer drug may not be accepted or dispensed if there is less than six months remaining until the expiration date. Controlled substances are not eligible for donation.

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Laws and Rules

Section 499.029 Florida Statutes
Rule 61N-1.026, Florida Administrative Code

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